Connected-ready: a smart choice today for a smart city tomorrow

With cities responsible for over 70% of global CO2 emissions, urban leaders need innovative solutions to play their part in fighting climate change. Lighting choices can play a huge part in this. For the right lighting can enable cities to save energy, reduce their carbon footprint, eliminate light pollution and ensure their assets are part of the circular economy.

This white paper explains how by investing in connected-ready street lights today, cities can futureproof their infrastructure and adapt to tomorrow’s needs without costly additional interventions down the line.

Download the white paper to learn why connected-ready lighting is an essential investment
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Heiningen, a connected and connected-ready town

By installing connected-ready street lights, cities, towns and villages can keep their options open until they are absolutely certain of what they want to do; choosing sustainability and savings for the future. 

"It would be frustrating to have not paid a reasonable premium to make them connected-ready, only to find in a few years’ time that it would make sense to include them in a smart system, but connecting them is extremely expensive."

Norbert Aufrecht
Mayor of Heiningen

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Heiningen installed connected-ready luminaires and switched to a smart system at a later stage, saving time and money