Dibba Khor - Fakkan Ring Road

Teceo transforms lighting from a necessary expense into an asset

Khor Fakkan and Dibba make up one of the most beautiful areas in the United Arab Emirates, surrounded by the Hajar mountains, facing out to the Gulf of Oman. Dibba is divided into slices between Fujairah, Oman and Musandam.

Together Schréder Gulf and BMTC realized the project of Dibba Khor-Fakkan Ring Road & Tunnel by supplying the lighting fixtures and providing the lighting expertise, including design support and technical assistance.

Ensure that drivers stay fully alert and consequently reduce traffic accidents with our LED luminaires that not only respect the lighting standards (lux levels, uniformity…) but deliver a white light with a good CRI that provides great visual accuracy.
In addition, they require no routine maintenance, which means less disruption for drivers for more fluid traffic flow and better service for road users.

Fitted with Schréder's specific optics, the Teceo luminaire directs the light only where it is needed, reducing light spill and pollution.

This very successful luminaire already enables thousands of cities and businesses to improve their lighting levels, generate energy savings and reduce their ecological footprint.

United Arab Emirates