Izmir park regeneration plan

The Voltana provides a sustainable lighting solution that creates safe and inviting nocturnal outdoor spaces in this cosmopolitan city

Izmir is located on the Aegean coast and is Turkey's third largest city. It is the region's major commercial hub, with an airport and a large seaport, and has a vibrant city life.
In 2017, the local authorities undertook a regeneration plan for some of the parks in the city to meet the needs of the local people and the public at large.
They wanted to ensure safe play environments for various age groups and to provide secure and practical space for residents to gather. They set a plan in action to restore the landscapes and reduce operating costs. As part of this plan, the luminaires were replaced.

The new lighting design had two key goals :

  1. increase safety and comfort in the evenings
  2. reduce energy and operating costs

The local authorities chose the Voltana to light the parks.
Installed at a height of 5m, they deliver a gentle white light to create a playful night-time setting while ensuring safety in the park.

In addition, this luminaire provides a highly efficient light distribution that reduces the energy consumption.

Composed of quality, robust materials and with a high tightness level, the Voltana will ensure a low maintenance scheme, with durability and longevity, for this coastal environment.
The city is delighted as it has achieved its goals.

Murat Reis Mahallesi