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Retrofit solutions

Eco-efficient street lighting refurbishment

Upgrade your street lighting with our modern retrofit solutions. Convert existing systems to LED technology and take advantage of a circular design for significant energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and improved public safety.

Whether through the use of more sustainable materials, energy-efficient technologies, or innovative solutions like our retrofit kits, we are making a positive difference.

Michèle-Cerise Soors
Marketing Manager Sustainability Solutions

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Keep the best, change the rest

Quality luminaires are built to last, but can become technologically outdated. The CIRCLE LED BASE is the ideal solution for incorporating the latest technology. This retrofit kit offers the most efficient, energy-saving technology, providing a superior quality light while retaining the original luminaire. Upgrade your lighting systems with the latest LED technology without the need for a complete replacement.

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From stand-alone to smart

Upgrade your first generation TECEO luminaires and take your lighting to the next level. The TECEO UPLINK retrofit kit integrates the latest connected technology for smart asset management and unlimited dimming scenarios, delivering the right light at the right time while maximising energy savings.

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Lighting the future, preserving heritage

Retaining the charm of heritage lanterns with modern technology can be a challenge for cities. Retrofit kits offer a solution to preserve historic aesthetics and upgrade outdated systems. We enhance the beauty of your urban landscapes while ensuring they are ready for the future.

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Three ways to retrofit your lighting

Discover three effective ways to upgrade your lighting systems. Improve performance, reduce energy consumption and extend the life of your existing luminaires. Choose sustainable solutions that keep your lighting up to date without a complete overhaul.

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Lighting the way to a sustainable future

Every day we take meaningful actions for our planet, our people and our communities. Discover how our sustainable lighting solutions can help you protect the environment while making progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Explore how partnering with us can make a positive impact on your sustainability journey.