Graanmarkt LED lighting upgrade

FLEXIA BRASO enhances safety and ambiance in Ninove city centre using less energy

The city of Ninove has launched a plan to convert its entire public lighting network to smart, highly-efficient technology by 2030 to significantly reduce its energy consumption, electricity bills and CO2 emissions. It plans to upgrade 525 street lights per year. As a couple of the ABAHJUR shades on Graanmarkt had been damaged, the council decided to replace the luminaires on this square in 2023.

An aesthetic urban lighting solution for a popular square 

Graanmarkt is a busy square in the city, with shops and restaurants, and hosts a weekly market. As a popular spot for residents, it was important for the local authorities to install an aesthetic luminaire that would enhance the landscape both by day and by night.

As the council is also keen to ensure that public funds are not wasted, it was important that the new luminaire could perfectly integrate the existing poles, which have a diameter of 60mm. It also wanted a luminaire that would match or complement the colour of the poles.

FLEXIA BRASO, a new addition that ticks all the boxes

The newly launched FLEXIA BRASO was perfect for this square. This refined urban luminaire allies aesthetics and responsible lighting to enhance any type of urban landscape. Incorporating the latest LEDs and technologies, it consumes little energy, enabling towns and cities to reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions.

The FLEXIA BRASO is the same dark grey as the poles and easily integrated them, complementing their round shape to create an elegant ensemble. The installation was smooth, saving time and money.

A warm and welcoming nocturnal landscape using less energy

A total of 13 FLEXIA BRASO luminaires were installed on the square and the adjacent street. They are equipped with warm white LEDs that create a cosy ambiance at night so residents can enjoy the facilities, especially the water fountain, in safety and comfort.

The FLEXIA BRASO has a low energy consumption (27W) compared to the old ABAHJUR (70W), resulting in energy savings of approximately 60%.

Less intrusive light for residents

The FLEXIA BRASO features a flat glass protector with specific optics to direct the light to exactly where it is needed on the ground and avoid any potential intrusive light for residents living on the square and neighbouring street. It has been approved by the International Dark-Sky Association as a responsible lighting solution.

Contributing to a more circular economy

The FLEXIA BRASO was designed with a circular economy in mind. It has been developed to facilitate maintenance and refurbishment as its LED engine can be easily removed in the future to integrate more modern technologies. It will help the city of Ninove pave the way for a more circular economy



Ninove City Council


Installation: Fluvius
Lighting operator: Fluvius

FLEXIA BRASO was the perfect solution for Graanmarkt. It enhances the landscape by day and by night, creating an inviting community space, while helping the city to build a more sustainable lighting network that will reduce its carbon footprint and create a more circular future.

Sven Minne
Public Works Expert - Ninove City Council

Schréder is delighted to have been part of this new urban lighting project that meets the needs of the local community and the city council.