Carré - Liège city centre

VALENTINO GEN2 dramatically improves nocturnal landscape of much-loved local area while reducing energy costs by an impressive 70%!

As Belgium's third largest city, Liège is renowned as one of the country's most important industrial centres.
This vibrant city also has a notable historic “old town” with many narrow picturesque streets that encompass impressive architecture, religious buildings and museums.
The Carré area - named after its maze of small pedestrian streets - is famous throughout the country for its upmarket boutiques, restaurants and cafés and regularly attracts large crowds both by day and by night.

The city council recently decided to replace the lighting in the Carré area to enhance the streetscape and night environment while providing a safe, effective and sustainable urban place for the entire community.
The streets were lit by fixtures equipped with high-pressure sodium lamps which gave a yellow-orange light.
They wanted a white light that would highlight the heritage architecture and increase the feeling of safety. It was also important that the aesthetic design of the luminaire compliment the architectural style.

The VALENTINO GEN2 was the perfect solution.
Although its design is largely inspired by the gas-jet lamps of the last century, the photometric performance is very much of the 21st century. It integrates the latest LensoFlex®2 LED technology for high performance, enabling the city to reduce its energy costs for the area by a significant 70%!

The VALENTINO GEN2 luminaires are fitted with a back light control system to ensure that there is no light spill into the buildings where they are mounted.

A total of 46 VALENTINO GEN2 luminaires have been installed in the area, dramatically improving visibility and creating a welcoming nocturnal landscape to the delight of the many visitors each night.

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