World Trade Center Residential Area

Rivara open a pure design with all the advantages of the latest LED technology.

Dubai is one of seven Emirates that form the United Arab Emirates. Often recognized for its iconic towers, man-made islands, and malls, Dubai is undoubtedly a success story in itself.

The Dubai World Trade Centre, one of the region’s largest purpose-built complex for events, exhibitions, and its apartments couldn’t be any closer to events at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition.

Schréder Gulf chose the Rivara luminaire to ensure safety, comfort and enhance the landscape by day and night.

With its linear design, Rivara is a contemporary, elegant luminaire, particularly suited to urban landscapes, adapted to multiple configurations, it can be installed on single, double or wall brackets.

Thanks to its wide range of light distributions, Rivara brings efficiency, comfort and reliable performance to urban streets, residential zones, squares and other pedestrian areas.


United Arab Emirates