Smart Motril

Smart lighting has improved safety and comfort in Motril and is helping the town meet its sustainability goals

For several years, Motril town council has been implementing its Smart City strategy, while respecting its sustainability commitments. In 2021, after receiving funding from the IDAE, it decided to upgrade its public lighting. Ferrovial, the leading Spanish transport infrastructure company, won the tender and entrusted us to deliver the lighting solutions.

The upgrade was to cover all different types of public lighting, from roads to residential streets, and parks to sports facilities. The town had several criteria for the upgrade. It wanted a smart lighting solution that would:

  • minimise light pollution for its citizens and the local biodiversity;
  • reduce energy and carbon emissions without compromising on safety;
  • create a harmonious and aesthetic look throughout the different areas.

A lighting solution to meet the needs of the community in every landscape

We carried out a thorough analysis of all the different areas in the town and proposed a selection of aesthetic luminaires that would meet the lighting requirements and make a positive impact on community life.

Almost 8,500 low-energy LED luminaires were installed, including the FLEXIA TOP, FLEXIA FG, IZYLUM, KAZU, PIANO, NEOS, INDU FLOOD, ECOBLAST, BREÑA and BO. They meet all the technical criteria and harmoniously blend into the urban landscape, creating safe and attractive public spaces both during the day and at night.

FLEXIA TOP and FLEXIA FG bring a contemporary feel to the town centre streets and squares while KAZU lights up many of the pedestrian areas, creating welcoming nocturnal spaces for people to spend time at night. 

IZYLUM delivers excellent visibility for the main roads and boulevards and the NEOS LED provides a contrasting light on the pedestrian crossings to help all people move around safely and securely, whether they are travelling on foot or by bike or car.

Light only where it is needed to preserve the environment 

The local council was very conscious of directing the light only where it is needed to eliminate any intrusive light into residents’ homes and to reduce light pollution to preserve the local fauna and flora. All of our luminaires are equipped with optics that deliver the light to exactly where it is needed, delivering high uniformity on the ground for clear visibility, with no upward spill. 

Smart lighting for a greener future without compromising on safety

All of the luminaires in the town centre are controlled by our Schréder EXEDRA smart lighting platform. It enables the town to reduce the light levels during the night when there is little or no activity in the different areas while ensuring safety for all citizens. The local authorities have programmed different scenarios according to whether the areas have low-traffic or little pedestrian activity. They can adapt these light levels at any moment using an intuitive interface from any mobile device. 

By adapting the light levels to what is needed, the town will generate significant energy and costs savings. It will also reduce its carbon footprint and contribute considerably to its decarbonisation targets

Schréder EXEDRA will enable the town to quickly detect any potential failures and optimise maintenance operations. Less time spent on-site investigating problems saves time and money and means less disturbance for the local community.

Sports facilities go smart and sustainable too

The highly modular ECOBLAST and INDU FLOOD LED floodlights were installed in different sports facilities throughout the town, improving recreational and sporting life after dark. They ensure a safe and comfortable environment for citizens of all ages to practise their favourite sport, even in the dark winter months, with an optimised energy consumption.

These floodlights are controlled by our Schréder ITERRA control system which is wireless and needs no additional cabling, making the upgrade a very smooth process. The light levels can be adapted at any time on-site or via an app on a mobile device. By dimming the light late at night, when no-one is present, the town will save more money as well reduce its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions further. 

A first step in its Smart City journey

As Motril lays the foundations for its Smart City infrastructure to ensure a more sustainable and equitable future for its citizens, we were delighted to accompany them on the first part of their journey. Its new smart lighting is delivering high-quality night-time public spaces that best serve the community while bringing significant energy and cost savings with a much lower environmental impact.

As Schréder EXEDRA is an open and interoperable platform, the new street lights can be easily integrated with other applications and systems, providing the town with a futureproof and scalable solution that fits perfectly with its Smart City strategy. 

Motril, Granada


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