Alcalá de Henares public lighting upgrade

Smart lighting improves the city nightscape while reducing operating costs

Just 35km to the north of Madrid, Alcalá de Henares is renowned for its old university (founded in 1466) and its UNESCO status as a World Heritage City. Every year, tourists flock to the city to visit its beautiful historic centre.

In 2019, the City Council of Alcalá de Henares initiated an IFS (Financially Sustainable Investments) plan with the aim of upgrading its public lighting. The goal was to improve the quality of light for its citizens and reduce the energy costs associated with its inefficient public lighting.

A better quality of light for a safe nightscape

The city reviewed the entire network to identify the lighting needs on the different roads and streets. It was critical that people would feel secure, could find their way safely and that pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists could efficiently manage the space. 
It decided to install additional street lights in certain areas to improve the quality of light and enhance safety, mainly on pedestrian crossings to prevent any potential accidents.

Energy-saving luminaires without compromising on ambiance 

In 2021, we worked with the local authorities to deliver a lighting solution that met the needs of each space and enabled the city to meet its objectives.

The AMPERA was installed on the main avenues on the existing poles. Thanks to its high performance, it delivers the necessary lighting levels and uniformity across these wide roads and large roundabouts to ensure visibility for drivers.

A mixture of KAZU, ZYLINDO, CALLA LED and HESTIA LED street lights were installed in the parks and pedestrian areas. This variety of aesthetic styles enriches the street scene and gives each area its own distinct identity. 

All of the luminaires are fitted with warm white LEDs (3000K), with a CRI of 70, for a soft, welcoming backdrop for activities after dark, reminiscent of old street lighting sources to preserve the city’s historic character

Alcalá de Henares


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Enhanced safety for pedestrian crossings

The NEOS LED, fitted with a specific optic for pedestrian crossings, was installed at the different street crossings. They are fitted with neutral white (4000K) LEDs to create a strong contrast with the street lighting so that drivers and cyclists can clearly distinguish any pedestrians crossing the road from a distance. 

The NEOS LED luminaires are fitted with motion sensors so that the lighting can be dimmed in the heart of the night when few people are out walking.

The right light at the right time to reduce operating costs

Over 4,000 street lights were delivered in all. Almost all (90%) are managed by the Schréder EXEDRA control system. This enables the city to adapt the light levels to what is really necessary in the different areas. Several profiles have been created as the lighting levels required for the roads, streets and bike paths are different to those for parks and squares.

By adapting the light levels to what is really needed, the city is saving energy and money while ensuring a safe, accessible and welcoming city for both residents and tourists. 

To date, the city has reduced its energy costs by 40%. The insights gained from Schréder EXEDRA will enable them to optimise the lighting in the future and generate even more savings. 

Schréder EXEDRA will also enable the city to optimise maintenance operations and reduce costs further.

A new smart lighting platform full of potential 

The deployment of the new smart lighting network has:

  • increased public safety thanks to a better quality of light;
  • enabled the city to cut its energy consumption by 40%;
  • lead to a reduction of operational costs;
  • lowered the city’s carbon emissions.

As Schréder EXEDRA is open and interoperable, it can integrate with other platforms and devices, giving the city full scope for future IoT applications and smart city services.