Rua da Pêga redevelopment

Elegant and energy-efficient YOA luminaires create a safe and comfortable route for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to travel on

Rua da Pêga is one of the oldest and most famous streets in Aveiro. On one side of the street is the seafront, where traces of Aveiro's old salt pans can still be seen, and on the other is the campus of the University of Aveiro.

In 2021, the city council of Aveiro decided to carry out a complete redevelopment of the road, as it was in a serious state of disrepair. The aim was to create dedicated safe and fluid pathways for pedestrians and cyclists - as part of their commute, going to University or simply to enjoy the views - to move smoothly with car traffic. They wanted a space that could be used both by day and by night.

Light and design to create attractive public spaces

The redevelopment required a modern, energy-efficient, low-glare lighting solution that would create a fluid and cohesive space.

The contemporary YOA luminaire was chosen to light these spaces as it met all the requirements. On the bike path, the YOA luminaires have been installed at a height of 4 metres with LYRE arms, forming an elegant ensemble that guides cyclists and pedestrians along the entire route. To light the road, the YOA has been mounted on a bracket at a higher height of 8 metres. 
The footpath running along the university campus is lit by YOA luminaires mounted at a height of 4 metres on the same columns with the YOAs that light the road.

Comfortable, efficient and environmentally-friendly lighting

The YOA luminaires have been fitted with dedicated optics for each area to be lit - bike path, footpaths and road - to provide a high level of uniformity with no shadows for perfect visibility. All of the luminaires all equipped with warm white LEDs to ensure a high level of comfort and a better perception of colours in the surrounding environment.

Moreover, the YOA generates zero light spill (ULOR of 0%) to preserve the dark sky and optimise visual comfort for people.

Less energy and maintenance

The YOA luminaires for the footpaths and bike paths consume 20W, where traditionally a 70W discharge lamp would have been installed, providing a much more energy-efficient lighting solution. In addition, the luminaires have been pre-programmed with 3 different dimming scenarios so the light adapts to different moments of the day, saving even more energy when there is little activity

The new LED lighting will also generate significant operational savings as the luminaires are easier to maintain. The LEDs have a much longer life span and so the luminaires will require less interventions which also means less disruption for users.

The council and residents are happy with the new lighting that meets the needs and comfort of all users, of all ages and abilities.

Rua da Pega


Aveiro City Council